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Maestato 12 ft Snooker Table Price from 26 990,00 zł
Maestato 10 ft Snooker Table Price from 25 990,00 zł

Snooker Table 9 FT
External Dimension 157 x 284 cm
Playing Field 127 x 254 cm
Weight ok. 500 kg
Slate 38 mm
Height 80 - 85 cm
Required Space 417 x 544 cm
Staining White Black, Walnut, Mahogany

Original decorative arts of the band and appropriate shape of the legs make the whole tables harmonize with stylish, exclusive inside of club, pubs or houses. Maestato is designed for real connoisseur and enthusiast for billiard and snooker game.

The table is made of red beech wood and it is equipped with the high-quality 5pc slate, leather pocket, the Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament cloth and English rubber cushion, fulfilling all standards so that the game is a true pleasure.

You can improve your table by adding the steel blocks*, heating system, professional drawer, cuerest hook or even the laminate on the rails top.

The tables are available in 3 colors :
- black
- wood
- mahogany

* steel blocks – it is the way to combine the quarried slate with the rails, it has the influence on quality dynamic, comfort and acoustics of the game.